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How do I create a custom report in Google Analytics?

This article is about something that has been on my mind for a long time. How can I create a good custom report in Google Analytics ? At Web-Fi, we frequently get the question to create a custom report for our customers.


A custom report is a customized report tailored to the question of the customer. With this report we can provide the customer a clear overview of figures and data from the previous period, exported from Google Analytics.



This is how it works :

  • You sign in to Google Analytics, select the client which you want to create a custom report for and you go to the ‘Customization’ tab. There you can find everything you’ll need to create a custom report. Click on ‘+New Custom Report’.

  • Then you choose a title for your report, and you click on ‘+ add a report tab’. Each report has 1 standard, but you can add more here. You can choose between ‘Explorer’,’Flat Table’ and ‘Map Overlay’ as visual layout type. You can also choose a visual type for each report tab.
  • Explorer is the default Google Analytics report. It contains a line graph and a table of data that contains the dynamic elements such as dimensions and metrics
  • Flat table is a larger table, where the data is displayed in several rows
  • Map overlay is a global overview

  • Next you need to define your dimensions and metrics. Here I asked Fiona a few questions on the matter, because I couldn’t really find out which data I needed to put in which place.
  • Dimensions :  are the rows you can see in a Google Analytics report. Which pages? Which cities? Which browsers? Which traffic sources? Everything that answers the questions of ‘what?’ and ‘how?’,…
  • Metrics : these are the columns you can see in the Google Analytics report. So this time the question is ‘how much ?’


For example, I chose ‘Transactions’ as a metric and ‘Traffic source’ as dimensions. The custom report will therefore show how many ‘transactions’ have taken place for ‘which’ traffic sources.

  • As an extra option, you can also choose to add a filter. To this end you choose the option ‘Add filter’. This option ensures that when you choose to create a custom report with as dimensions ‘Browser version’, you can add a filter to look only at certain specific browsers in your report by creating an ‘Include filter’ on the dimensions ‘Browser’ with, for instance, an ‘exact match of Chrome’. This way, you can only see the data that comes from the Chrome browser in your report. This way you can start comparing the ‘performance’ to every version of Chrome.

  • As a last option, you can choose where you would like to save your report. I’ve already selected the client which I made the custom report for, so this was already selected.

  • As your final step, you can choose to click the ‘Save’ button and save your custom report.

Above you can see an example of a custom report, obviously without customer data which we cannot release. But as you can see there is a line graph and a table available.


Should you have any additional questions about custom reports, just drop us a line or give us a call. We’d be delighted to share our insights with you.


Some obvious questions about custom reports :


‘How do I know exactly what the customer wants in his custom report?’ You will have to tune in to the demand of the customer. About ‘what?’(dimensions) and ‘how much?’(metrics) the clients wants in the report.


‘Can I create more than one custom report?’ The answer is yes, you can create as many reports as there are questions. Some large companies have several people who need different data. For every specific question you could set up a separate report. Custom reports allow you to combine metrics that don’t occur together in a standard Google Analytics report.


Do you have extra questions about custom reports? Would you like to have a custom report, or create one ? Do not hesitate to contact us !


Have fun analyzing your data !





It was time again for the annual Google Analytics User Conference (GAUC) !

A few months ago, the organizers of this conference asked Fiona if she wanted to present the event as an experienced Google Analytics expert.


The GAUC event took place in Brussels, at the Diamant Conference Center. All 350 seats were sold out, so you can imagine what an important event this is for many Google Analytics practitioners.


The program for August 26th can be summarized as “How to achieve better results & ROI with Google Analytics”. There were several GA experts present who explained how to optimize your online results.


We started off with a lovely breakfast. You could choose coffee, fruit juice and pastries. The conference was opened by Fiona explaining “Why a tool like Google Analytics is essential in your digital strategy”. Quite an interesting question, which Fiona answered perfectly clear during her presentation.


Up next was Lore Van Besien, founder of AdSpecialist. She gave a duo presentation with Kathleen Claes about what custom dimensions are, and why you should use them, how you can set them up in Google Analytics and how you can even import offline data such as weather results into Google Analytics to enhance your analysis.


This was followed by the presentation of Neda Sekkat, eBusiness Consultant at Semetis. This was a duo presentation with Chloé Piérard. This stellar presentation was mainly about using the Google Analyitcs API to import data automatically into Google Sheets and improve data visualization.


Then, there was a presentation by Thomas Danniau, Digital Marketing Consultant at The Reference. He talked about better understanding  cross-device measurement.


Then we got to listen to David Vansteenbrugge, Key Account Manager at Wijs, digital agency. He explained more about how you can increase your online conversions, and why some techniques do & do not work. Their example was based on an experience with a client who sells contact lenses and glasses, and would like to see his sales increase.


Just before lunch, we had the pleasure of listening to Andrew Grill, Global Partner – Social Business at IBM. He doesn’t call himself a Google Analytics expert, but he has an enormous amount of experience in the online world. Andrew told us that only 26% of the companies have a well-developed digital strategy. He has been online since 1983 and taught us a lot about what exactly might have been missing during the measurement and analysis of an online event, Social Media.


For lunch there was a choice between a hot or a cold lunch, several beverages and delicious desserts. The ideal opportunity to network and mingle with our peers !


After lunch we could start again with a presentation by Stefan Callebaut, eCom Web Analyst at Thomas Cook. He talked about the use and implementation of the Google Tag Manager. This was also a duo presentaion with Boy Martin.


Soon followed Kerri Jacobs, Head of Platforms – Analytics at Google USA. She gave a very interesting presentaton about the biggest challenges emarketeers encounter online, and how Google offers assistance.


Then a fascinating speech by Julien Cornet, Senior eBusiness Consultant at Semetis with “Act on your data with Remarketing & create Advanced Audiences”. So much to tell, so little time. Unfortunately we were left wanting with all of our unanswered questions.


Last but not least, followed Daniel Waisberg, Analytics Advocate at Google UK with an educational presentation about the challenges in building a data centric organisation.


To finish the day, there was a networking drink. More opportunity to network, ask  questions and make new contacts. The ladies of Web-Fi had a wonderful day full of excitement and opportunity. We were thrilled to have been a part of this great event.


Slides and presentations can be found here :





Fiona & Naomi

Web-Fi's charity


Today, my blog is about ‘the Athens Insiders’.


The Athens Insidersis a group of younger people that had no job, who created their own work during the crisis in Greece.

They are a diverse group of friends that live in Athens, each one with a different life story, interests and passions. Their common love for travelling brought them all together. With their unique knowledge and enthousiasm about Athens, they want to guide people around their city and let them get to know the Greece they really care about.


So it comes down to this, that this exceptional group of younger people would like to guide people through Athens, looking through the eyes of the local inhabitants. They want you to discover the beauty of every place by a sincere, authentic, non-touristic experience. They also believe more in small groups; big experiences, adjusted routes and personal contact. They want to share their passion and local knowledge, and are completely independent and inpartial.


Web-Fi contacted them, after watching a beautiful documentary of their work on television. That’s when Web-Fi decided to support something new this year, instead of just donating to charity.


We are going to set up a free Adwords account, and teach them how to use it.

This will make it possible to spread the word about their intitiative.


We also support another charity, Hellenic Hope.


Hellenic Hope is a charity that is dedicated to children from poor families in Greece.


Their target is to save these children from the crisis in Greece, and to help them survive by offering them food, medication, clothes and emotional and educational support, to provide them a better future.


Hellenic Hope raises money for organizations in Greece that work with children who suffer the consequences of the current socio-economic crisis, promoting awareness to the rest of the world for the impact of the crisis on children. You can also become an active member to support their efforts !


How about the crisis ?


However, many people do not realize how bad it is going on there. Since late 2009, the crisis already started in Greece. The country is currently the biggest problem child of the euro zone, financially.


Greece has messed with the state accounting to get access to be in the euro zone. The state finances were presented much brigther than they were. Once the Greeks had the access, it quickly went wrong. There has been a policy for years which included celebrating, corruption flourisger and nobody had ever heard about paying taxes. Eventually, afther the introduction of the ero, Greece reveived and emergency start of €240 billion and they would have to pay €100 billion back to the banks. In September 2011 inspectors break down an inspection in Greece. They were not satisfied with the minimal progress Greece had made. By that time, the German government was preparing itself to absorb a possible Greek default.


Has the situation already gotten to a critical stage ?


The pressure of the German government helps, because now the European emergency fund had €500 billion. Other euro countries such as Spain and Italy had begun to reform and slow down the rate of the weak countries. Greece came to stand alone, the fear of Greece leaving the euro zone and letting Europe fall apart, was slowly going away. Suddenly, Greece understood that this was serious. But, Greece recently did an additional request for an emergency loan in April 2014.


The conclusion is, that the situation isn’t quite stable yer. And that we do not have to blame the Greek people, but a bad policy. So we, and the rest of the world, have to support the Greek people during these hard times. Don’t you think ?

Athens Insiders Flavours of Athens

Some weeks ago we wrote about the “Athens Insiders”. They are  an organization creating work despite the crisis in Greece and provide tourists beautiful and authentic tours of Athens, the city where they were born and bred. What brings them together is their genuine love for travelling.


Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is famous for its ancient historical sites and has plenty of ancient ruins and sites to see. It is also famous for hosting the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, as well as those of 2004.

Athens is home to the best philosophers the world has ever known. Socrates, the best of the Greek philosophers of Athens, once said : “The unexplored life is not worth living”. Besides all the art, history and philosophy, there is another important aspect that is so characteristic of the Greeks – their food.

One of the many tours the “Athens Insiders” offer is the “Flavours of Athens”. On this tour, you can explore the city of Athens from a foodie’s point of view. Be lost in the historically rich streets of the capital of Greece eating, tasting, drinking and cooking.

Fiona and her partner have been on this glorious tour this summer. Visiting Athens for 4 days they just thoroughly enjoyed their tour with Yanna and Vasileia (the names of the charming tour guides). We can't think of a BETTER way to discover the true spirit of Athens. We are looking forward to more authentic tours with Athens Insiders in hopefully the not too distant future.

"We were in a small group of 4 (there was also another couple participating the tour), this meant we could enjoy the tour more, ask more questions and learn more about the what, why and how about every store we visited. Every time they told a bit about the history – about the ancient world and the preservation of fruit by drying the figs which prompted the Persian king to conquer the Greek immigrants from Asia minor in 1920, and doubled the Greek population. All of this had an influence on the Greek cuisine.


And we visited a lot of shops! It was so nice, we bought spices, teas and oils which we took home to Belgium. A good tip : don’t eat breakfast in the morning and sleep as much as possible the night before the tour. Then you can taste the food and spices as much as you want during the tour which lasts +-4 hours (from 9am to 13pm). I also recommend to take a small, empty backpack with you during the tour, so you can easily carry the things you will be tempted to buy.

Our guides competently lead us through a food stroll and introduced us to small, hidden gastronomic geography of the city. A day not to forget your camera. This magnificent off the beaten track tour finally ended with a tasting at a tremendous Greek savoury meat shop."

We believe there is still a lot to discover in the beautiful, authentic Athens. Would you also like to discover the inspiring world of the Greek gastronomy ?


Go to and sign up !


DMM Platform Tool

Today I am writing about a new tool, called ‘’DMM Platform’’


DMM Platform is a platform which makes it possible to reach potential customers in a more personalised way. Final goal is a promotional action. You need your customers' phonenumber which they’ve already filled in by subscribing on your website.


Next step is setting up a push message on your platform. You can add pictures, write attractive marketing texts and even organise a try-out to find out the best way you want your message to look like. Additionaly it goes a step further, you either have the choice to get to know more about your customer, f.e. : is the client male/female ? What is the potential customers' age ? Etc.


After this, you can launch your promotional message, and send it to everyone in your contactlist. The people you’ve sent the message to, will receive an SMS with a link. By opening this link, your customers will get to see the promotional offer you make, and fill in their information.


Here, we discovered a problem. People of the DMM Platform contacted us, to resell the tool to others. Therefore we first had to buy the tool which is not expensive but after analysing this wouldn’t work for us.


We have a different approach reaching our customers. Web-Fi mainly focuses on analysing data and optimising websites. SEO and SEA is what we do.


The people that invented the tool, have experience over 15 years in this marketing and getting as reference trends and statistics.

Speaking with the founder of the platform, he told us : “The worldwide trends of the use of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) is at the top. Today the use of the smartphone is not just a trend but rather a necessary tool for everybody and, from a marketing point of view, the smartphone is the closest tool to the customer. Today, that is exactly what companies are looking for : reach their customers ! Belgium today is among the top 10 countries in Europe for presence of smartphones (33% Wikipedia ref.). The MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) had done a study about the moment to invest in Belgium and grow the market. We are well aware that our business model cannot fit to everyone, but the market in which we operate, in it is the strongest business and the on with the highest growth rate, and the tool (smartphones) is the best tool in Digital Marketing today because it is the closest to the final customer.”


If you would want to try it out, you can click the link below, and contact the admin of the DMM Platform. They give you access to a demo-account, where you have a try-out.


All of this does not mean this tool isn’t a good one. In our opinion it is a perfect tool for the purpose it is meant for : people who are experts with focus on mobile marketing.

CUTE Solutions


A few weeks ago, I had dinner with an old school friend of mine, Sarah Cherif. She’s the elegant, charming and accomplished owner and founder of CUTE Solutions. She also jointly owns, but that’s another story all together.


Owner & Founder of CUTE Solutions

CUTE Solutions is a company that focuses completely on teaching habits to individuals, teams and organizations. After all, a company or a team can only be successful if all members have very specific daily routines – when these tasks can become habits.

Not easy, because 88% of the people fail when they try to learn or change a habit. Organizations that have a track of change will fail in 70% of the cases, usually because of similar reasons; errors that have been made over and over again.


To circumvent these problems, CUTE Solutions works around the principle “People learn more when they learn a little a lot” – People learn faster with short learning moments that are organized on a regular basis. Additional to that, the CUTE Solutions staff integrates a framework that supports these teachable moments and makes them a part of a cultural change within the company.


Read more about the Cuties on


We believe this is already an interesting and inspiring way of working !