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Remarketing, what is that exactly?

How does remarketing work? How do you reach the right audience? And can you overdo it? In Adwords you can create a remarketing list based on people who previously visited your website. You can target these visitors by showing them more targeted ads made specifically for them, following the pages they have visited on your website. These people will then come across your ads while surfing on other websites.

For such marketing campaigns, it is no laughing matter to think carefully whether your ads will be useful for the user, and that the ad won’t eerily stalk your visitors across the internet.

When can you use remarketing?

For instance, when visitors leave your site without buying anything, you can use remarketing to retarget them through relevant ads.

Google's remarketing requirements:

  • At least 100 visitors on a list
  • Privacy policy opt-out option on your website
  • No remarketing towards sites for pharmaceuticals, online gambling, adult content etc.
  • The remarketing list cannot be based on personally identifiable data 

That being said, we think it’s advisable not to overdo remarketing, but to use it as a handy tool. So you actually reach the right audiences. We don’t want to terrify visitors by chasing them with your ads, or annoy them endlessly. This can certainly give a very contradictory effect.

What are the advantages of remarketing?

First and foremost, you reach people at the time when the potential of the purchase is the greatest, when they have visited your website or app. You can prepare remarketing lists tailored to your advertising goals. This gives you a better potential for increased click-through and conversion. The message as always is: test! Test different ad copies, campaigns, set up for maximum ROI.

Do you wish to know how to create a remarketing campaign ? Contact us! We will assist you in your online marketing efforts.

Have lots of targeting fun!

- Naomi & Fiona



Your Business on Instagram

The ladies of Web-Fi like to remain up to date. Our first Instagram account supports our love for data visualization. Hence we simply could not resist. In this short article, we would like to share with you some key guidelines we picked up from our experience in analyzing performance across social media networks.

Instagram is a free mobile application that allows you to exchange digital pictures or videos with other mobile devices. The photos and videos can be digitally filtered and exchanged on social media sites such as Instagram itself.

Why we are in favor of Instagram for Business?

  1. Instagram will help you find your niche market through your content. Instagram has 200 million monthly active users. This is your opportunity to reach your target audience. How would you like your brand to be seen? 
  2. Instagram will strengthen your visual identity. Even if you do not sell products or services directly, you can still find ways to place your business in a good light. 
  3. Scheduling is not possible as Instagram has been developed to capture moments in a snapshot. However nothing prevents you to a hoard a series of images in a folder and store them in the correct order to post to your account over time. 
  4. You can also add captions to your photos with comments. This gives an extra touch of personality and context to your posts. 
  5. Hashtags and Geotags ensure that you reach the right audience, but do not go overboard using them. 2 or 3 tags per post are sufficient.

Furthermore, we were delighted to find out that there is a free tool to monitor the metrics for our Instagram account. We use Iconosquare. We managed to set it up in a jiffy. To monitor your Instagram campaigns in Google Analytics, we recommend you to simply tag all URLs/ links with campaign parameters according to your campaign tagging protocol.

Right now Web-fi is joyfully busy following new accounts and uploading nice pictures. Do you want to see for yourself ? Check out our account at :


- Fiona



Sesame Open-IT


Today I want to tell you about an interesting new initiative by HUJO (Humanistische Jongeren, translated Humanist Youth) who believe that a better digital society is not only achievable, but also very desirable.


The initiative is called Open Sesame-IT and encourages young people to take IT lessons in the development of open-source software. There are various interactive programming workshops offered for youngsters aged between twelve and fifteen.


The learning modules are divided over 7 sessions in which these teens learn new tools at their own pace in the computer labs of the Koninklijk Atheneum Pitzemburg in Mechelen (secondary high school). The first module consists of learning about the language Scratch. This was developed at MIT - one of the leading engineering schools in the world - and is dedicated to teaching young people the basics of programming. Using a graphical user interface, multiple commands can be linked to each other - which feels like a LEGO kit.


Easy to learn, this language can be used to build apps for smartphones, create & build games, make on-line presentations ... Or to brag to your friends and family, of course!


We are certainly in favour of this promising project, in which young people get taught different skills in software. The future of the digital world is, after all, especially in the hands of our youth.

Curious about this idea or would like to enroll someone or yourself? The first session was already given, but there is certainly still room and ability to pick up!


Please take a look at the website:

Web-Fi strikes again @ Measure Bowling

Web-Fi strikes again @ Measure Bowling


Web-Fi’s ladies are always attracted to staying tuned to what’s happening in the web analytics community. We have attended previous occasions of Measure Bowling and warmly recommend the event for other digital marketing geeks looking for a friendly face.


Venue: Bowling Stones in Wemmel (Brussels)

Time: Thursday 20th November 2014, 1830 – 22:30

#MeasureBowling Brussels was held this time at the Bowling Stones in Wemmel (Brussels). It was a wonderful opportunity to meet up with other members of the Digital Analytics community in an informal atmosphere. We joined the other geeks for a meal before hitting the lanes, making some new friends along the way.

The analyst in me tried to KPI what sort of score I could roll. Fortunately, I opened the evening with a strike. But that was the only strike I scored. Bringing my strike rate down to a miserable 5%.

Along with the who’s who of the Brussels analytics community, I fought for pole position in the race to be the most data informed bowling team in Europe. Must say I did put up a good fight. In keeping with an open and transparent culture, we tweeted every strike on Twitter using the hashtag #MeasureBowling.

Nice to know: we were not alone… on the same evening, #MeasureBowling was happening in Belfast, Berlin, Brighton, Manchester, Dublin, Cracow, Grenoble, Leeds, Lille, London, Madrid, Milan, Montpellier, Munich, Nantes, Paris, Prague and Warsaw. Each event was organized locally. As forecasted, there was plenty of chat on Twitter. Prizes had been sponsored generously by Adobe for the best bowlers in Digital Analytics in Europe.

I could also give you metrics on the litres of beer consumed, or glasses of cava emptied in my case, but I lost count (not at all due to the aforementioned number of glasses of cava consumed).

Want to attend Measure Bowling Brussels next time ?



For more information on Measure Bowling (it’s a Europe-wide event, but we obviously attended Measure Bowling Brussels), and to register for future events, check out the Measure Bowling site.

A huge thanks to Remco Van Der Beek of Engage who bowled us over with an impeccably well organised event.





Di Livorno

‘Love for food, decor and atmosphere’


Di Livorno is a labour of love of Suzi & Krish who pooled in their professional expertise to create this authentic place in the center of Keerbergen. As the Italian name suggests you can enjoy delicious pastas and delicious pizzas at di Livorno.


The decor is charming; the restaurant space is inviting, quaint and classy. Bright and airy, this is a perfect space to unwind, just be.


The owners are globe-trotters of British-Indian origin who have incorporated their culinary experiences and heritage into their offering. On the one hand this ensures that lovers of Indian cuisine can enjoy this typical food. On the other hand the heart of their culture is something you can find back in the warm interior and buddha-bar music. Resulting in an original cozy East-West environment where you feel at home with a little exotic touch.


More important is the fact that the dishes offered consist of the great Indian classics we all know (curries, sizzlers, chicken madras ...) Every week the menu is complemented with suggestions invariably worth exploring!


There is equally a huge choice of pizzas – including Pizza Suzie, which I try. Bitter-sweet, strong and distinct, it is enough to wake anyone up !


If you also know that the offer is more than reasonably priced, you can understand that you will find us there for lunch, for a business meeting or a cozy dinner. We go there regularly with friends.


Are you more in a hurry? Then your favorite dishes can also be ordered by telephone.


Curious about all those goodies? Di Livorno is only closed on Tuesdays, and you can book online on their website! They also confirm reservations by mail.


 Fun Fact : Krish Santosh Kumari and Suzi started Di Livorno in 2003 and in 2013 they celebrated their 10th anniversary!


One could get addicted tot his place, especially the kick-ass coffee. Di Livorno is Web-Fi’s favourite hang-out. Absolutely.




Fiona & Naomi


We are pleased to inform you we are going to collaborate with Goachi, the Love Tea !


So what is Goachi ? Goachi consists of 100% pure and natural epimedium, a plant commonly known as Horny Goat Weed. This powerful plant is recognized by Chinese traditional medicine as well as Western medical science as the world’s safest and most powerful natural libido-enhancing plant.


The founders of Goachi are Sarah Cherif who is the owner of the Belgium-based training organization ‘CUTESolutions’ & Dr. Pieter Vermeulen who is a Belgium-based and board-certified plastic surgeon. is the online shop for the new products, Goachi Tea and Goachi Capsules, for both men and women alike. Specialising in libido-enhancing love teas the brand will be built rapidly with extensive off- and online marketing campaigns.

With their positive energy we feel like we can achieve anything !


Google Analytics Data Precision to Advance Marketing for is going to launch their new webshop end of 2014 and they are going to use Google Analytics for their visitor data. Haroun Cherif,’s COO sees Google Analytics as a fast, flexible and cost effective way to gain insights of visitor behavior and allocate marketing budget to build the Love Tea brand.


The team at Web-Fi is working closely with to implement Google Analytics. We are making sure that profiles are set up correctly and that the reporting is accurate.


Working with Web-Fi on the Google Analytics implementation for is a pronounced success. Goachi will now be equipped with more insights and knowledge than ever before. The business is able to make better and more informed decisions with regard to their marketing campaigns and budget allocation.