We are pleased to inform you we are going to collaborate with Goachi, the Love Tea !


So what is Goachi ? Goachi consists of 100% pure and natural epimedium, a plant commonly known as Horny Goat Weed. This powerful plant is recognized by Chinese traditional medicine as well as Western medical science as the world’s safest and most powerful natural libido-enhancing plant.


The founders of Goachi are Sarah Cherif who is the owner of the Belgium-based training organization ‘CUTESolutions’ & Dr. Pieter Vermeulen who is a Belgium-based and board-certified plastic surgeon. is the online shop for the new products, Goachi Tea and Goachi Capsules, for both men and women alike. Specialising in libido-enhancing love teas the brand will be built rapidly with extensive off- and online marketing campaigns.

With their positive energy we feel like we can achieve anything !


Google Analytics Data Precision to Advance Marketing for is going to launch their new webshop end of 2014 and they are going to use Google Analytics for their visitor data. Haroun Cherif,’s COO sees Google Analytics as a fast, flexible and cost effective way to gain insights of visitor behavior and allocate marketing budget to build the Love Tea brand.


The team at Web-Fi is working closely with to implement Google Analytics. We are making sure that profiles are set up correctly and that the reporting is accurate.


Working with Web-Fi on the Google Analytics implementation for is a pronounced success. Goachi will now be equipped with more insights and knowledge than ever before. The business is able to make better and more informed decisions with regard to their marketing campaigns and budget allocation.