How does remarketing work? How do you reach the right audience? And can you overdo it? In Adwords you can create a remarketing list based on people who previously visited your website. You can target these visitors by showing them more targeted ads made specifically for them, following the pages they have visited on your website. These people will then come across your ads while surfing on other websites.

For such marketing campaigns, it is no laughing matter to think carefully whether your ads will be useful for the user, and that the ad won’t eerily stalk your visitors across the internet.

When can you use remarketing?

For instance, when visitors leave your site without buying anything, you can use remarketing to retarget them through relevant ads.

Google's remarketing requirements:

  • At least 100 visitors on a list
  • Privacy policy opt-out option on your website
  • No remarketing towards sites for pharmaceuticals, online gambling, adult content etc.
  • The remarketing list cannot be based on personally identifiable data 

That being said, we think it’s advisable not to overdo remarketing, but to use it as a handy tool. So you actually reach the right audiences. We don’t want to terrify visitors by chasing them with your ads, or annoy them endlessly. This can certainly give a very contradictory effect.

What are the advantages of remarketing?

First and foremost, you reach people at the time when the potential of the purchase is the greatest, when they have visited your website or app. You can prepare remarketing lists tailored to your advertising goals. This gives you a better potential for increased click-through and conversion. The message as always is: test! Test different ad copies, campaigns, set up for maximum ROI.

Do you wish to know how to create a remarketing campaign ? Contact us! We will assist you in your online marketing efforts.

Have lots of targeting fun!

- Naomi & Fiona