After months and months of testing, Google launched the "Mobile Friendly” label in the mobile search results.

If online visitors look up something on the net they can easily see which websites are ‘mobile-friendly' and which are not. Now at the beginning of each search result you get to see a label, the ‘mobile-friendly’ label, that tells you if this particular website is mobile friendly or not because Google has added a text label below the URL.

The label is shown in the Google Mobile search results in all languages. The label went international since December 10th 2014. According to Google, and most of us will agree I believe, it is very frustrating for mobile visitors to arrive on a page that is not ‘mobile-friendly'.

An example:

How to get your website labelled “mobile-friendly” ?

Google trusts its GoogleBot to detect the following criteria:

  • Avoiding software that is not compatible with mobile devices, such as Flash
  • Text is readable without zooming
  • The size of the screen is responsive so users do not have to start turning the screen or zoom in
  • The links are far enough apart so that the right one can be easily clicked.

What do you think? Is this a positive change ?

We definitely think it is ! The websites that aren’t adjusted to mobile use, will have to choose to switch to a mobile friendly website or a responsive design if their conversions mainly come from mobile devices, or they just need a mobile friendly website because of the amount of users on it. And those that already do it, will be visited more and attract the right traffic. A more specific and targeted search, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it ?

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- Naomi