Google Analytics training events


Web-Fi’s Basic, Intermediate or Advanced training


Web-Fi provides training in the following subject areas:

- Paid search (PPC) – with Google AdWords

- Web analytics – with Google Analytics


The basic training:


The basic training by Web-Fi consists of a hands-on training day. The day begins with the basics of Goole Analytics. This slowly moves on to the understanding and defining of key concepts and an in-depth exploration of standard reports.


Is the basic’s the right course for me?


Basic training is aimed at Google analytics user’s ether in-experienced or experienced. This one day course is developed for sales and web development, content, analysis and the responsibilities of GA’s marketing users. Anyone who needs to understand Google Analytics reports in greater detail, interact and improve the way they use the data is welcome.

Course/Day contents:


There are four sessions split by fifteen-minute breaks and a one-hour break for lunch.

Day begins at 9:30am and sessions start at the appointed time of 10:00am with the day coming to a close around 4:30pm.

Session 1: Mastering the Google Analytics interface

Session 2: Measuring your success with goals, funnels and e-commerce

Session 3: Reporting and measuring your visitors, devices and traffic sources

Session 4: Understanding what your visitors do on your site

 * Google Analytics administrator access required


Pre-requisites for Web-Fi’s Google Analytics training


1. Before Google Analytics training, all attendees are required to have an administration access to an active Google Analytics account (in order to record data). In addition, training attendees are required administrative access to a Google AdWords account.      However, If an attendee does not have access it is possible for us to provide admission to a test account. This is unadvised and not as good as working with your own data.

2. A requirement for attending the Intermediate Web-Fi course would be to complete the Basic training or hold equivalent knowledge of. The advance course requires the competition of both Basic and Intermediate courses or equivalent knowledge. If you intend to omit certain training courses, it is advised that you inspect the syllabus in detail to ensure you are comfortable with all practices.

Learn to Attract, Measure and Convert

Knowing how to measure and improve the performance of your website and online marketing campaigns is essential to target traffic accurately, to increase qualified visits, conversions and ROI (Return On Investment).

Learn how to get the most out of Google Analytics and Google AdWords first hand from our Google certified consultants. Gain the advantages of their experience dealing with businesses of all shapes and sizes on many different online channels.

Our Google Analytics certified specialists are available for group training days. This training is available in Dutch, English and French with a choice of basic, intermediate and advanced seminars.

Need a customized training plan exclusively for your team?

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